Over the Bars Gang Races at Eddieville & Starvation Ridge


Endurance is a team sport, a race designed to test the durability of the bike and the riders. It’s a relay race in laps. Over the Bars Gang Endurance races include 6, 12, and 24-hour races.


Motocross is a timed motorcycle race over a closed course of a winding dirt track with hills, jumps, tight turns, and often muddy terrain.

24 Hours of Starvation Ridge

Our signature race, Starvation Ridge is an annual 24-hour team race in late fall. Here are the details for classes at 24 hours of Starvation Ride:

  • Amateur/Expert/AA Teams: Up to 6 riders on 6 bikes. 1 bike per rider. Teammates can swap bikes. Can replace all but frame. No AA purse.
  • Ironman/Woman: 1 rider on 1 bike. Can replace all but frame.
  • Youth class – 17 and under. Any size bike. Amateurs only!!
  • Junior A – 15 and under. No bikes bigger than a 150 4- stroke or 112 2-stroke.
  • Sportsman – Any size bike, any age, any rider ability.
  • Club – Any size bike, any age, any rider ability. Each rider must be a member of a recognized motorcycle club. Must display Club banner in pit.
  • Air Cooled – Any size bike, any age, any rider ability. Must be air cooled no radiators.
  • Adventure Bike – 650cc’s or bigger.

Cross Country

In cross country or hare scrambles races, all riders in a single class start on the same row, and it’s an all-out race to the finish. The races take place on several-mile-long marked track through the open fields and over rugged natural terrain. The racers run laps on the course until the leader either completes a planned number of laps or has raced for a specific amount of time, usually two hours. Riders need to be fast and fit to be competitive.

Off-Road Grand Prix

Grand prix races are a variation on the cross country format. They are usually shorter, more open and faster than cross country races or hare scrambles. Most grand prix races run for 45 minutes and run different sessions for similar classes. Riders can compete in multiple classes, unlike cross country events, where all classes run simultaneously. Here’s a example of off-road GP at Eddieville:


Rally Cross

Car racing on dirt track, Rally Cross is accessible to beginning racers and relatively low cost. Check out this Rally Cross event at Eddieville in 2017:


UTV Racing

Utility vehicles, racing. UTV racing appeals to wide range of motorsports lovers. Check out this video of the Eddieville 100 Mile Race.



The Eddieville 1/2-mile oval track is a wide, hard clay surface. Average track width is 80 feet with the front straight almost 100 feet wide. The corners are banked, with turns 1 & 2 dropping 20′ in elevation and then climbing from turns 3 & 4 through the front straight. Over the Bars Gang Flattrack race series is coming up this summer.