General Park Rules


  1. The Rider’s meeting is mandatory for every race.
  2. Our insurance requires that you wear a helmet at all times when on an ORV.
  3. 99dB Sound Limit at all OTBG Events. Sound is off-roads’ biggest enemy. The proliferation of 4-strokes and their loud aftermarket exhaust is hurting ALL aspects of dirt biking activities. Just look at the battle Washougal MX is going through. To stay within the sound limits of our operating permit, we will be enforcing a 99dB limit. This matches Washington & Oregon off-road and NMA/OMRA limits. We would rather have a smaller, quieter, turnout for years to come, than talk about the big events we had before we were shut down for noise.
  4. There will be no vehicles or bikes parked in the fire lanes. Any vehicles will be towed. Any excess vehicles must be parked the designated area for each race.
  5. All dogs must be kept on a leash during the race. Please clean up after them.
  6. Do not leave your garbage on the ground! The coyotes and wind will scatter it. We will have a garbage trailer available but would really appreciate it if you hauled out your own.
  7. We will abide by OMRA & NMA rules where applicable. In the event of a dispute, OTBG will consult and Scott will make the final decision
  8. We expect that all participants and spectators will behave in a sportsman-like manner. We will not tolerate drunken or lewd behavior. Entire teams have been banned from future OTBG events for inappropriate behavior.
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