Playdays for August: August 21st and 22nd and August 28th and 29th. 8:30am – 4:30pm. The track will not be prepped for these playdays. It is too dry to stir things up.
$ 25.00 per person.

We will have our Labor Day 3 day special for September 4th, 5th & 6th. We will groom the track for that weekend.
Single rider: $50.00
(for 3 days)

Immediate family discount:
(for 3 days)
2 riders: $80.00
3 riders: $100.00
4 riders: $120.00
5 riders: $130.00
There will be a $10.00 camping fee per vehicle for the weekend.
If riding for only one day the price for one rider is $30.00.

24 Hours Of Starvation Ridge 20th Anniversary 2021 information
It is that time of the year when you need to be thinking of about your 24 Hour teams. This year we will be celebrating our 20th year anniversary. Hard to believe that it will be 20 years of sunshine, dust, mud and epic dirt.
Prices this year are:
Teams: Pre entry – $400.00 Post entry – $500.00
Ironman, Ironwoman & Iron youth Pre entry – $100.00 Post entry – $140.00

Pre entry deadline is 9/15/2021. Your entry must be postmarked by 9/15/2021 to receive a T -shirt for each team member and to receive the pre entry price.
Pre entry no t-shirt. Your entry must be postmarked by 10/1/2021 for the pre entry price. No free T- shirt.
Any entries postmarked after 10/1/2021 will pay the post entry price. No T – shirts.

AA, Open Expert, Open Amateur, 30+ Expert, 30+ Amateur, 40+ Expert, 40 + Amateur, 50+, 60+, Sportsman, Adventure Bike, Youth (17 & Under), Air Cooled, Club, Women, Beginner and Junior Amateur.
Amateur/Expert/AA Teams: Up to 6 riders on 6 bikes. 1 bike per rider. Teammates can swap bikes. Can replace all but frame. No AA purse.
Ironman/Woman: 1 rider on 1 bike. Can replace all but frame.
Iron Youth: 15 and under. Any size bike.
Junior A – 15 and under. No bikes bigger than a 150 4- stroke or 112 2-stroke.
Sportsman – Any size bike, any age, any rider ability.
Air Cooled – Any size bike, any age, any rider ability. Must be air cooled no radiators.
Adventure Bike – 650cc’s or bigger.
Youth (17 & Under) Any size bike. No experts
Club – Any size bike, any age, any ability. Must be a member of a recognized motorcycle club and display your banner in your pit.
On your entries please include a legible e-mail and phone number that I can read! For those of you pre entering please give me a guess on what shirt sizes you will need for your team. You can change riders up to the riders meeting on race day and will be able to switch sizes. Pits are all pre-assigned. If you want to pit next to a specific team please try to send them in at the same time. The sooner the better. Indicate on your entry form who it is that you want to pit next to. Not all requests can be accommodated. Late requests require wine or whiskey.
Since it is our 20th Anniversary we thought that it would be fun to offer you the opportunity to put your team name on the back of the T-shirt underneath the sponsors names. The cost will be $100.00. You must contact me by 9/15/2021.

We of course are always looking for sponsors for this year’s race. The cost is $300.00 in merchandise or cash for prizes. Your logo will be featured on the back of The T-shirt. Please contact Debbie or Scott for more information.
We will have a prize for the person who has all 20 years T-shirts.
We will have a Billboard to post your favorite photo’s from past races. Please bring as many as you would like to share with everyone.
We will of course have our annual Halloween party for the kids. Jennifer and Taylor will be hosting the party again this year. Any donations of games, crafts or candy are greatly appreciated. The kids will be Trick or Treating in the pits after party.
Anyone wanting to volunteer must fill out a volunteer form and return to me.
Come help us celebrate 20 years of Riding The Ridge!!
Scott – 541-980-7971 [email protected]
Debbie – 509-261-0308

Over The Bars Gang