I think we look good. WIND Friday/Saturday? does wonders at Eddieville for drying things out. Wednesday we disced and rolled the MX and most of the GP course. So all that rain last night soaked in to the ground. GP course will be about 11 miles, backwards from the XC direction, with the rocky windmill road trail and along the windmills trail removed. We will have a 15′ drop/slide down onto the windmill access road and a 3-5′ drop/G-out soon after that. Both will be marked, with someone pointing them out first lap. We added in some of the original GP course from 1998 that we haven’t used in years. I made a few changes out in the wheatfield to open up the course a bit. Still going by two ponds, but we have a life jacket on standby . Should be a great event!!

Over The Bars Gang