NORCS AT STARVATION RIDGE MAY 17th, 18th & 19th 2024

We will possibly have a playday, Friday, May 17 at Starvation Ridge. 8:30am – 4:30 pm. This will be about a 7-mile loop. It will not be on any of the course that you will be riding for the Norc’s races. The track is not at all like the Eddieville track. It is more single track with a lot of rocks. Take it easy your first lap.
The cost is $30.00 Per rider.
For driving directions google 1140 Niva Road, Centerville Washington. Centerville is a small farming community. Please be courteous when driving down Centerville highway if you encounter any herds of cattle. The cattle have the right of way! Our Ranchers drive cattle along the road to different pastures. This is often a family affair. Small children help push the cattle along the road. Do not try to push through the herd. Park and let them move around you.

On Thursday the gate will be open 11:00am until 11:00pm.
Friday the gate will be open 7:00am until 11:pm .
Saturday the gate will be open 7:00am until 11: pm.
Sunday the gate will open at 7:00am.
The gate fee is $15.00 per person for one day, $20.00 per person for the weekend. 5 and under is free. Camping is $20.00 per vehicle for the weekend.
We take cash, checks, or pay pal.

* You must wear a helmet whenever you are on a bike. This includes driving to the bathroom.

* No pit riding. No Exceptions! It is too tight to have children ripping around in the pits.

* Feel free to walk the property. No motorized vehicles on the track.

* We are a working farm. Stay away from the equipment. Stay out of the grass fields. Stay out of the Ponds. We have had cattle pastured on the property all winter. They like to stand and Pee & Poop in the ponds.

* Keep an eye out for ticks. Ticks live in the grass and will be out in full force after the cold winter. This area is home to Rattlesnakes. Be watchful when walking out in the grass or the rocky areas. Keep an eye on your children. We have cougars and bears in the area.

* ABSOULTY No wood fires. Propane only, with a screen. If the wind picks up, you will be asked to shut those off as well.

* No digging holes to level your rigs.

* Dogs must be kept on a leash. Please pick up after them.

* There will be a garbage truck parked at the west end of the pits. Please pick up and bag your garbage before placing it in the garbage truck.

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