March 12th NMA race update.
We are planning on running. Might be muddy in a few spots, but for the most part the dirt should be pretty dang good. The boys have been disking and rolling much of the track. The wheat field sections should be epic. Bring lots of gas. Bring lots of warm clothes.
Just talked to Scott. He said that the big fans are doing their job drying the ground.

Marisa will be there with her coffee and Hot Dogs and all her other yummy stuff.

If you are coming from the west side check the conditions on Snoqualmie. Sometimes it is better to go through Vancouver.

I am still going through my pre-entries. If you haven’t already heard from me, you will soon.

We will still have the Motocross track only playday on Saturday. 8:30 – 4:30


Over The Bars Gang