So good for course conditions the last 2 weeks. last weekend it rained Friday night, too wet to run the mx playday, but the wind dried it out to perfect dirt, with a little dust by the end of the day. This weekend looks similar, with the rain a little earlier in the week. If nothing changes, we should be good for the GP. We will be discing and rolling the track Tuesday so the predicted rain Wednesday should soak everything down nicely. course will run opposite direction of the XC, with the rocky trail and windmill trail eliminated. Still going by the two ponds that one XC rider went into one of.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!…….If you have on designer letters that are hard to see/read I will send you up to signup for yellow stickies that we can read (Ellis). Besides starting row ID, we rely on clear number/letters for our backup visual lapcounting. I have had to send back 6 or 8 riders for stickers so we could ID them for tiny/washed out/ or “arty” letters in the background that would be impossible to see with a little dirt/mud on them. The home check is 5mph with a full stop for a punch. I penalized a NMA AA rider 15minutes for running into/through the home check. Bring your helmet to signup to test/add a transponder as needed.

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