6 Hour  Team Race at Eddieville Sunday October 7th, 2021 10am – 4pm.  No lights are required.  Sometimes the dirt at this race is the best for the entire year.

Please pre register by contacting me via e-mail at [email protected]  I need the following information.  Are you riding as a Iron person or on a team?  What class are you riding on if on a team?  How many riders on the team?  Send me this information and I will assign you a number.  You can pay at the entry as you come in.  No assigned pits for this race.

Team Classes:

AA, OPEN EXPERT, 30 EXPERT, 40 EXPERT, OPEN AMATEUR, 30 AMATEUR, 40 AMATEUR, 50+, 60+, AIR COOLED, BEGINNER, CLUB (all riders must be members of a recognized motorcycle club), Sportsman, Junior Amateur (15 and under.  Nothing larger than a 150 4 stroke or a 112 2 stroke), Women, Adventure Bike & Youth (17 & under)

Iron people classes:



$50.00 per team entry, $60.00 per Iron person.

Gate fee is $10.00 per person, 8 and under is free.  $10.00 camping fee per vehicle.

REMEMBER TO CHECK THE WEB SITE TO SEE IF WE ARE ABLE TO RACE.  It is raining right now.  Hopefully it is just pre-watering the course.

We will have a motocross play day on Saturday.  The cost is $25.00

We also will have an awards ceremony on Saturday night for those that were participating in our OTBG gp series.  We will also do a spaghetti dinner about $6:00

Questions: Scott 541-980-7971  Debbie 509-261-0308