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STARVATION RIDGE 100 NEWS I am still taking pre-entries.  At this point do not send any money unless you use Pay Pal.  You can pay me at the race for your entry.  Complete and e-mail me your entry and  I will assign you a pit.  I need to know if you have a number on...

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Starvation Ridge 100 update

The Starvation Ridge 100 race is fast approaching. If you have not sent me a entry form please go to the register now section of the website and down load the form It is under the OTBG Starvation Ridge 100 entry form.  We are getting short on time so you can e-mail me...

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March 14, 2021 Eddieville 6 Hour Team Race Results

March 14, 2021 Eddieville 6 Hour Team Race Result Results for March 14, 2021 Eddieville 6 Hour Team Race Results are up in the results section or follow the link.   Thanks all for coming, It was a fun  race Starvation Ridge 100 News: I extended the pre-sign up period...

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Welcome to Over The Bars Gang

Welcome to Over the Bars Gang, home to Eddieville and Starvation Ridge Motorsports Parks in Centerville, WA. With a combined 39 miles of dirt courses at our two venues, we welcome hundreds of riders from all over the country, at every skill level, young and old, for racing and playdays, every year. 2018 is our 20th anniversary. Come ride with Over The Bars Gang.

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Watch Highlights from 2017 Starvation 24 Hour Race

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It’s a great summer for riding, and we post results from Over the Bars Gang races as quickly as possible throughout the season. Check out your results!

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Some of the greatest racing in Washington


Always feel welcome! Food trailer usually there. Small town close by. Track for beginners to expert!! Plenty of room to camp! Great family experience!

Always leave tired, but happy as hell! You really can’t beat the 6, 12, or 24 hour endurance races!