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Posted By Scott On Jan 13, 2017
Playdays are open practices. Cost is $25/rider with a $10 Rocky Mountain gift card sent to your LEGIBLE address.Family discounts.Bikes, quads , and utv's are welcome. All playdays are weather permitting. Eddieville practice runs 8 to 4:30 on MX track, noon to 4:30 on GP course. MX playdays are on MX track only-bikes only
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Posted By admin On Aug 01, 2016
The Entry Form for the 2016 24 Hour Starvation Ridge Team Race is up in the Entry Forms section.

Please note: The Deadline for free t-shirts for your team is September 1st, 2016
The pre-entry price ends September 15th, 2016. Get your entries in now.
Posted By Scott On Mar 03, 2016
Starvation Ridge 6hr team race April17. Race starts at 10:00am, ends at 4pm. Daylight only. Teams of 2 or more riders/each on their own bike...or can share. No extra bikes. Many classes for teams, with Ironman & Ironwoman classes for solo racers. Camping available & free. $10 gate fee for 8 & above, $35/team member and $40 for Ironpeople/each. Address is 1140 Niva rd., Centerville,WA.98620
Posted By Scott On Feb 12, 2016
Feb. 27 & 28 looks like we will finally get in a playday. We are planning on working the mx and GP to clear up the mess that winter left. Slight chance of rain Sunday.........if it doesn't rain, dirt will be good AND soft. March 5- MX playday as we prep the track for Sunday's team/Ironperson race. March 6- The first race in the OTBG endurance series is March 6 at Eddieville. The team/Ironman race is 6 hrs in length and daylight only. Classes run from aircooled to AA, with open and age classes,women, youth, Ironman & Ironwoman. Teams can be 2 to 6 with each team member using their own bike.....but sharing is okay. No extra bikes! March 12 will be another MX playday as we prep for round 1 of the NMA offroad series on March 13. March 13- All NMA classes plus junior classes for 105cc down to the little 50's.rider's meeting at 8:30, kids races at 9:00am. Short course starts at 10:00 am, Long course at 12ish. March 19- OMRA round #1 of the XC series. All OMRA classes. Short course at 10:00, long course at 12ish. March 20-OMRA round #1 of the GP series. Junior A,B,C at 9:00, All ams except open and 250, women,sportsman,Jr.X, 50+,60+ at 10:00am, all experts except 50+ expert, open and 250 am , run at noon(ish). March 26 & 27th.- Eddieville playdays. MX runs 8:30 to 4:30 , GP course runs noon to 4:30.
Posted By Scott On Dec 27, 2015
Something for everyone this year. Endurance/team races Trucks,buggies,& UTV races Vintage Motocross Playdays for the no so competitive
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Posted By admin On Apr 28, 2015
Entry forms for the 6 & 12 Hour Team Races are in the Results section.
People pre entering do not have to stand in line. (come to the front) You do not have to pre pay for the 6 and 12 Hr races. Pay at the race.
Posted By Scott On Apr 17, 2015
Planning a 2 day UTV event for Eddieville. Maybe this fall, maybe spring of next year. More below.
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Posted By admin On Mar 09, 2015
Information for the NMA races at Eddieville and Starvation Ridge. We will be adding the Junior X class to the short course. 15 and under, up to 112cc 2-stroke and 150 four stroke
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Posted By admin On Mar 03, 2015
Posted By Scott On Feb 26, 2015
Last post before taking the laptops out to Eddieville and setting/testing the scoring system. Weather/conditions look PERFECT!! Sunny, 60+ degrees, light + variable winds. Doesn't get much better than that. The MX track is drying out, but since we are only using a 100 yards or so of track, it doesn't matter. MX track will be prepped for Saturday's MX practice. Tons of grass track, an optional short cut called "Riding the plank", log section, flat track, and a new, bumpy, rough section up on top.Entry to the MX area will be a new terrace section. Planning on Discing a few areas to get that soft, power-robbing experience. THERE WILL BE ROCKS! ( some, not as much as I would like.) We have bypassed a couple wet areas to avoid mudholes and left out one complete section just because it is borderline. Course length should be around 8 miles. Pit/exchange area is on the east side of parking, next to the wheat field. Please back into pit lane, do not park sideways along pit row. STAY OUT OF THE WHEAT!!! Anyone caught out in the wheat will be DQ'ed. New trophies are on the way, should be here Friday, along with some swag we are raffling off before the race to the Endurance Challenge teams/riders. Be sure to sign-up for the endurance challenge to be eligible for year-end awards and give-away goodies. This will be the most unique course we have laid out in a long-time! We are using as little of the GP course as we can get away with in an effort to keep it Fresh & NEW. Start? Honestly haven't decided on where or how yet. I will announce at riders meeting. Rules are on our website. Most important rule is " Scott has final say on all rulings" . That rule applies to everyone, even AA's. NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM RULES! Should be a great start to the new years racing. We are kicking out all the stops for this season because....... Nothing lasts forever and our core group is getting on in the years. I don't know how much longer we can maintain the enthusiasm. We are building to the 25 hrs of Starvation Ridge on Oct.31-Nov1. The longest, biggest 24hr race in the U.S., if not the world. HAVE A GREAT YEAR!
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