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It is time for the 24 hour of Starvation Ridge. Are lights and electrical systems ready? Once again Trail Tech will be onsite for the Starvation Ridge 24 hour race. We are excited to support this great event. Here is an overview of what to expect and plan for. Hours
Friday October 26th
3PM to 7PM

Saturday October 27th
7AM to 11PM Sunday October 28th
7AM to 10AM

We will be renting both HID and LED helmet lights. Rental fee will be $50 for the whole event and require a driver's license to be left behind. Light kits will include lights, helmet docks, chargers, charged lithium battery and vehicle power cable. We will be leaving a 10AM sharp on Sunday, please have you lights back to us before we leave.

Sales: We will bring extra helmet docks, power cables, chargers, batteries, lights and replacement bulbs for purchase. But we highly recommend checking out your entire lighting and electrically system before the race.

Service: While at the race we will be prepared to test and perform warranty work on the lighting products. We will not be able to test battery life since the process takes up to 7 hours to perform. Battery charging stations are very limited. We will not be able to do stator installs or trouble shoot wiring systems. Please make sure that your lighting and electrical systems are installed correctly and functional

heading up there.

Voyager GPSWe will also be loaning out Voyager GPS Demos. These units will enable you to track lap times and view you data on Google Earth. Free software, SDmicro card and USB readers will be given away with track date for demo units.

If you have any questions, or need help prepping your bike please contacts us.

Phone: 360-687-4530