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The 6 hour ATV race will be held on May 18, 2014 at Eddieville. The race starts at 10AM. This is an ATV only event.

Many racers are coming in from a long distance and will be arriving late. The gates will be open. An arm band check will be made on race day. If you come in late please check in at signup in the morning.

Registration is open on race day in the morning and during the MX track playday on Saturday. There is no pre-registration for the ATV race.

The Saturday play day is open to quads and bikes on the MX track. The fee for all playdays is $20.

Race numbers are assigned by OTBG and will be provided at registration.

< The fees for the event are $35.00 per racer on a team and $40 for Ironman. There is a $10 gate fee for all entrants. You can have up to six people on each team.

Camping is open to everyone and free. Water is available at Eddieville.

Early signup Saturday afternoon. Race day signup starts at 7:00AM Riders meeting at 9:30AM.


Youth (17 & under)