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Driving Directions
Eddieville is located 1 mile west of Hwy 97, 6 miles north of the intersection of I-84 and Hwy 97 at Biggs, Or. And 6 miles south of Goldendale, WA. The Dalles, Or. Is less than 30 minutes away by freeway. The track lays on the north slope of the Columbia Hills, 6 miles north of the Columbia River.

Starvation Ridge is 11 ½ miles west of Hwy 97. Turning west off Hwy 97 onto Centerville Hwy can access both sites.

To get to Eddieville, turn left on Eshelman, left onto Stringstreet and right into the Eddieville entrance at 110 Stringstreet Rd Centerville, WA. 98613

To get to Starvation Ridge, go through Centerville; proceed 2 miles to where pavement turns left. Go straight onto the graveled road (Niva Rd.), 4 miles later, you will see Starvation Ridge on your left at 1140 Niva Rd. Centerville, WA 98613