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Two days of racing at Starvation Ridge this weekend. Saturday is the 6hr team/Ironperson endurance race starting at 4pm and ending at 10pm. Sunday is the OMRA GP with the kids starting at 10am,30,40,50 amatuers as well as 50 experts, women,Junior experts, sportsman and beginners starting at 11am. AA's, 30,40,open and 250 experts plus open am and 250 am start at 1pm. Course is marked, approx. 11 miles. We will start watering the sections that we worked on with the dozer tomorrow. Lots of the course is hardpacked smooth from the UTV's race in June.We are leaving that alone because it has formed a hard crust. Many whoopy,narrow sections have been smoothed out & widened. I am thinking of running the farmhouse both days, so think about your handlebar width and flicking the bars as you go through the 3 doorways. Chance of rain Sunday, so we could end up with perfect dirt.....or shiny dirt, which is not near as fun. It would take a LOT of rain to get to the shiny stage , and the current prediction is 1/2" over 3 days, so I am not expecting any snotfest. Air has been clear since last Thursday when we got a little rain and the west winds started up. We can see the smoke from Cascade Locks over the Columbia hills, but it is not coming down the hill. Best air conditions we have had in over a month. This weekend will be a taste of the 24hr course. 11 vs. 17-20 miles. 1 loop vs. 3 loops. Not near as much rocks, trees, and ponds as the 24hr course. No freshly disced up dirt surfing through the stubble fields. It is dark by 8pm, so there will be at least 2 hours of darkness during the 6hr on Saturday. SO BRING YOUR LIGHTS!....or run for 4 hours until dark. Still the best bang for your buck. Temps are forecast in the low 70's , so conditions should be primo. Sign-up for the 6hr begins Friday evening and noon to 3 pm Saturday. GP signups can register Saturday during the 6hr or starting at 7am SUNDAY.