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All races listed for NMA, OMRA, Endurance , PNWOR. Fees, times, classes vary. See specific race news for individual events. March 5- Eddieville 6 hr MOTOGP Team/Ironman race March 12- NMA Eddieville Hare scramble, NMA offroad-Eastside rnd 1 March 19-OMRA GP rnd#1 Eddieville spring opener March 26-OMRA XC rnd#1 Eddieville April 1 - PNWOR 100 mile UTV race- Starvation Ridge April 9- OMRA GP rnd #2-Starvation Ridge April 23-NMA hare Scramble, offroad & eastside rnd#4 April 29- IT'S BACK!-12 hrs of Starvation Ridge , team/Ironman race September 16- 6 hours of Starvation Ridge , Team/Ironman race October 14&15- NEW DATE!- 24 hrs of Starvation Ridge team/Ironman race November 5th-Eddieville 6hr MOTOGP , Team/Ironman race