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Playdays are open practices. Cost is $25/rider with a $10 Rocky Mountain gift card sent to your LEGIBLE address.Family discounts.Bikes, quads , and utv's are welcome. All playdays are weather permitting. Eddieville practice runs 8 to 4:30 on MX track, noon to 4:30 on GP course. MX playdays are on MX track only-bikes only February 18&19, 25&26-Eddieville playdays March 11,18,25 -Eddieville MX playdays April 2-Starvation Ridge playday-tentative- call ahead May 6&7, Eddieville playdays May 27,28,29-Eddieville Memorial weekend playday-bouncing bra team race 1pm May 28. June 10&11-Eddieville playdays September 2,3,4-Eddieville labor day playdays September 17-Starvation Ridge playday September 30& Oct.1- Eddieville playdays October 28&29-Eddieville playdays November 4-Eddieville MX playday November 18&19, 24,25,26-Eddieville playdays