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Open Expert - X
200 Expert - Z
30+ Expert - U
40+ Expert - V
50+ Expert - R
Junior A (Expert) - JA

Open Amateur - A
200 Amateur - E
30+ Amateur - D
40+ Amateur - F
50+ Amateur - Y
60+ Amateur - Q
70+ Amateur - P
Women - W
Junior B (Amateur) - JB

Open Beginner - K
200 Beginner - B
30+ Beginner - T
40+ Beginner - C
Junior C (Beginner) - JC

Sportman - S
Beginner class: absolute beginners or Novice. . Raced only a few times. Don't have a desire to bang handlebars- just have fun and finish

Amateur class: intermediate-level riders. Raced more than a few times. Can get up most hills on single track on the first try. Looking for challenges in the course and competitive in spirit.
Expert class: expert-level riders. Raced a bunch. Solid bike skills. Looking for fast competition and very challenging terrain.
AA class: AA or best-of-the-best level riders in other racing series. Live to race. Want to win. Have proven yourself in the expert ranks. If you can finish in the top ten overall at an OMRA event, this is your class! The top six overall from the previous year earn this designation automatically.