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Posted By Scott On Mar 13, 2018
Round 1 of the NMA offroad series is at Eddieville Sunday March 18.There will be a MX track only playday Saturday, March 17. Playday cost is $20, runs 8:30 to 4:30. Race fees are $10 gate fee above age 7, $35 for race card. Junior A,B,C are $25. Riders meeting at 9:30 Junior A,B,C races at 10am. A & B race together, C's race on separate track. Short course starts at 11am, long course 1 -1:30 depending on clearing short course and resetting scoring system. Course will consist of MX track, GP course, part of 1/2 mile flattrack, miles of soft, disced, plowed up wheat stubble. Approx. length is 11 miles. We had one rider go into a pond and submerge his bike, lifejacket will be onsite to autograph and preserve the moment. Weather forecast looking good at the moment, should be a great weekend.
The conditions were great the last 3 weeks. No so much this weekend. Between snow/freezing rain and freezing temps, the track is 1 to 3 inches of goo as of 9:30 Friday morning. No saving wind in any forecasts, but opposing forecasts of clear vs. 60%+ chance of more snow & rain. We are postponing the 6 hour to Memorial weekend the 27th of May. Saturday the 26th will be a benefit triathalon for KVH surgery department. The Bouncing Bra triathalon will be a 2 person team event.1 lap running the 1/2 mile each. 2 laps bicycling the 1/2 mile. 1 hour on the mx track with some extra GP thrown in.
Posted By Scott On Feb 05, 2018
Playdays are WEATHER PERMITTING! Always check for rain,snow, fire&ice before making the drive..... All playdays are Eddieville except 2 3 Starvation Ridge days as noted.....Feb. 10&11,..Feb.17&18,....Feb.24&25,....March3-MX playday,...March 10-MX playday,.....March 17-MX playday,.....March 24-MX playday,.....April 7&8,.....April 14,.....April 28&29,.....May 6-Starvation Ridge playday,.....May 26,27,&28-Memorial 3 day playday,.....June 9&10,.....September 1,2,&3-Labor 3day playdays,.....Sept.8&9,.....Sept.16-Starvation Ridge playday,.....Sept.22&23,.....Oct.13&14,.....Nov.3&4,.....N0V.10-MX Playday,.....Nov.17&18,.....Nov.23,24&25-Black Friday Playdays.
Posted By Scott On Jan 08, 2018
No UTV or rallycross races up yet. 2 GP, 3 XC/hare scrambles, 4 flattrack, 5 endurance team/Ironman races. 24hrs of Starvation Ridge is moved back to October 27 & 28.
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Posted By admin On Apr 28, 2015
Entry forms for the 6 & 12 Hour Team Races are in the Results section.
People pre entering do not have to stand in line. (come to the front) You do not have to pre pay for the 6 and 12 Hr races. Pay at the race.
Posted By Scott On Apr 17, 2015
Planning a 2 day UTV event for Eddieville. Maybe this fall, maybe spring of next year. More below.
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Posted By admin On Mar 09, 2015
Information for the NMA races at Eddieville and Starvation Ridge. We will be adding the Junior X class to the short course. 15 and under, up to 112cc 2-stroke and 150 four stroke
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Posted By admin On Mar 03, 2015
Posted By trailtech On Sep 21, 2012
It is time for the 24 hour of Starvation Ridge. Are lights and electrical systems ready?
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Posted By Scott On Feb 13, 2012
RockyMountain ATV/MC $10 gift certificates for ALL OTBG event participants. Races AND Playdays!!
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