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Posted By Scott On Jan 16, 2017
We are moving up the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge to Oct. 14 & 15 . After 5 of 6 of the last years turning wet we are moving to a hopefully warmer & drier date.
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Posted By Scott On Jan 13, 2017
All races listed for NMA, OMRA, Endurance , PNWOR. Fees, times, classes vary. See specific race news for individual events.
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Posted By Scott On Jan 13, 2017
Playdays are open practices. Cost is $25/rider with a $10 Rocky Mountain gift card sent to your LEGIBLE address.Family discounts.Bikes, quads , and utv's are welcome. All playdays are weather permitting. Eddieville practice runs 8 to 4:30 on MX track, noon to 4:30 on GP course. MX playdays are on MX track only-bikes only
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Posted By Scott On Nov 18, 2016
The wet weather just isn't allowing the ground to dry up.With rain and freezing overnight temps in the forecast there is no chance of a decent day this weekend. The cold overnight temps wick the moisture to the surface and the rain in the forecast ensures we stay wet & slimy. See you next year.
Posted By Joe On Nov 14, 2016
The 2016 November 13th 6 Hour race Results Link

Posted By Joe On Nov 13, 2016
The 2016 24 Hour Results Link

Posted By Scott On Nov 05, 2016
MX playday Nov. 12th MX track only. NOV. 13th, 6hour team/Ironman race. Starts at 10 AM and end at 4pm. 2 to 6 team members 1 bike per rider Bikes can be shared....no extra bikes. Course will be 7 to 9 miles in length, including MX track, flat track, GP course, and wind whoops.
Posted By Joe On Oct 28, 2016
The 2016 24 Hour Pit Map Link

Posted By admin On Oct 13, 2016
24 hr update: Still room available for those waiting out the forecast. 4 days to go. Monday we hauled rock and spread in the pits/check area. So we are NOT wallowing in mud. The dump truck has been running on parts of the race course with no issues. Course length is set and looking good. Forecast is consistent through the weekend. A CHANCE of rain all week , with a slight chance of rain Saturday night. We have got rain overnight almost every night this week. Not enough to make things muddy, but just enough to keep the dust down. We are looking for good conditions for the week end.
Posted By Joe On Sep 30, 2016
The 6 Hour Race 17 Sep 2016 Results Results Link

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