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Posted By Scott On Mar 24, 2017
Try, try, and try again. It rained all Thursday night and until 1pm on Friday.No rain forecast until 11am Sunday. The mx track might dry out, but the GP, flattrack & logs won't. So I am sort of happy I called off the weekend, it would have been impossible to get RV's in the pits Friday night, the courses would have got chewed up and our Razors would have been busy hauling dead bikes in. Here are options for the next batch of reschedules. option 1: April 8th, OMRA GP @ Eddieville, April 9th, OMRA GP @Eddieville.......We are scheduled for the Ridge April 9th, .....it's not going to happen. Thursday March 23, there was still standing water in the pits. Water running everywhere. It will probably NOT be ready by the 9th. So my thought is we would be drier to run both days at Eddieville and let the Ridge dry. How many are going to the Seattle supercross? Option 2:April 15, day before Easter, Starvation GP maybe? Would the day before Easter work? Option 3: Starvation Ridge GP May 13 Saturday before Mother's day? Option 4: Starvation Ridge GP May 20, day before Lanphere sprint endure? Please respond on dates that work or not. There aren't a lot of openings to work with until July and I cannot run at the Ridge past June permit-wise and Eddieville in July could be mucho caliente. September is crowded and October doesn't have much to offer with our early 24hr. I realize whatever we do....it's not going to work for someone. I hope to minimize the issues, if possible. Let me know please. Scott
Posted By Scott On Mar 11, 2017
I gave up on the weekend this morning. Rained most of the night, was pounding this morning for an hour or more. Forecast has gotten wetter and wetter. We are now looking at rain Thursday night and Friday through the evening, with up to 1/2" possible. Tonight at 5 the dirt was not quite slick, but still soft& damp....in the dry areas. More puddles showing than yesterday and still lots of drainage going on. So Saturday would start out wet with the possibility of more moisture during the day. Then Sundays forecast has been getting wetter all week. That is a recipe for a muckfest that would leave the riders mudded out with blown up bikes and a torn up race course that takes 2 or 3 times as long to set up once it's been stirred up into mush. So we will punt for the weekend and see when we can fit a weekend into the schedule. After looking at the Ridge today, that race may be moved to Eddieville or postponed also. we have a UTV race scheduled for April 1 and I called the promotor this afternoon to tell him that won't happen unless we get some warm temps and LOTS of wind.
Posted By Scott On Feb 17, 2017
Finally got our internet fixed after 2 weeks down. Sorry for the late notice. Still have 15+" of ice-snow- and ice on top at Eddieville.Kind of a ice/snow sandwich. And the drifts can go up to 3+ FEET! No playdays this weekend....no 6hr MotoGP next weekend, probably no Washington series Hare scramble the following weekend. Planning on moving the Washington H.S. to Saturday, April22. MAYBE the OMRA round #1 on March 19th...Maybe. We will update each week as we see what the weather brings..... As soon as we get it together, we will post a flyer about our rescheduling. NO DUST!!! Anyone up for two-wheel snocross??
Posted By Scott On Jan 16, 2017
We are moving up the 24hrs of Starvation Ridge to Oct. 14 & 15 . After 5 of 6 of the last years turning wet we are moving to a hopefully warmer & drier date.
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Posted By Scott On Jan 13, 2017
All races listed for NMA, OMRA, Endurance , PNWOR. Fees, times, classes vary. See specific race news for individual events.
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Posted By Scott On Jan 13, 2017
Playdays are open practices. Cost is $25/rider with a $10 Rocky Mountain gift card sent to your LEGIBLE address.Family discounts.Bikes, quads , and utv's are welcome. All playdays are weather permitting. Eddieville practice runs 8 to 4:30 on MX track, noon to 4:30 on GP course. MX playdays are on MX track only-bikes only
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Posted By Scott On Nov 18, 2016
The wet weather just isn't allowing the ground to dry up.With rain and freezing overnight temps in the forecast there is no chance of a decent day this weekend. The cold overnight temps wick the moisture to the surface and the rain in the forecast ensures we stay wet & slimy. See you next year.
Posted By Joe On Nov 14, 2016
The 2016 November 13th 6 Hour race Results Link

Posted By Joe On Nov 13, 2016
The 2016 24 Hour Results Link

Posted By Scott On Nov 05, 2016
MX playday Nov. 12th MX track only. NOV. 13th, 6hour team/Ironman race. Starts at 10 AM and end at 4pm. 2 to 6 team members 1 bike per rider Bikes can be shared....no extra bikes. Course will be 7 to 9 miles in length, including MX track, flat track, GP course, and wind whoops.
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